Painless Dentistry

Fear of dental anxiety is one of the most common causes of patients’ postpone going to the dentist. Many patients are afraid of the dentist because of scared of needles, injections, or drilling. Even the slightest prick can stress patients and hampering the entire dental procedure.

Painless injection techniques used at our clinic to make this experience pain-free. This dental phobia or anxiety might arise from a fear of pain. The good news is that our dentists use new and modern equipment to make dental treatment and anesthesia painless.

Our Painless Technology

  • The Wand: The Wand is a computerized tool that can deliver anesthesia slowly and methodically. The slow and gentle delivery associated with The Wand often makes injections painless. The Wand can be more comfortable than the syringe, it can greatly reduce anxiety and it also eliminates collateral numbness, so patients can go straight back to work without a numb face.
  • Oral Sedation: Oral sedation is being utilized by many dentists because it is both safe and effective. Compared to more traditional IV sedation, Oral Sedation requires no needles so that the patient experiences a conscious state of mind. Oral sedation may be helpful for patients who fear the dentist or avoid trips because of the anxiety of sitting in a dental chair. Of course, not every doctor can perform this technique, But at our clinic, our best specialists take care of you.
  • Vibraject: Vibraject is a simple and safe vibrating device to help make dental treatment PAINLESS. It works because the light pressure of a Vibraject injection is carried rapidly to the brain on thicker more insulated nerve tissues.
    By contrast, the needle prick travels on thinner nerve tissues, arriving too late for the brain to register the sensation. This conforms with the well-established Gate Theory of Perception. Vibraject is good news for the patient because the anesthetic itself causes virtually no discomfort and good news for the dentists. This facilitates easy treatment and hassle-free recuperation.